Trump supporters brand Michelle Obama a 'national disgrace' for her powerful DNC speech

Trump supporters brand Michelle Obama a 'national disgrace' for her powerful DNC speech

Michelle Obama won rave reviews on Monday after she delivered a stirring speech on the first night of the Democratic National Convention.

The former first lady back Joe Biden's bid for the White House but also pointed out how the many simple things that Donald Trump has failed with during his presidency from coronavirus to just common decency. That as well as her necklace, which spelled out 'VOTE' was championed by many on social media.

However, the speech didn't go down quite so well with prominent US conservative commentators and Trump supporters who seemed to take exception to her criticisms of the president who she accused of 'faking' his way through the job an that he was 'clearly in over his head' which apparently translates to her being a 'national disgrace.'

One vocal critic of Obama was Eric Trump, who tweeted 'this is absolutely terrible,' which appears to have been more of an indictment of the entire DNC rather than just Obama's speech.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump really didn't like the speech and accused Obama of being in 'over her head' and also criticised her for getting coronavirus statistics wrong, which might not be a good look for him in the long run.

The Republican National Convention isn't due to start until next week with guest speakers set to include Nicholas Sandmann and Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the couple who pointed guns at Black Lives Matter protesters in St Louis in June. Trump's campaign has lacked the energy that it created in the 2016 election, mostly due to the pandemic and many major polls put Trump behind Joe Biden by several points.

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