Midterm elections: Jimmy Kimmel exposes people who claim to have voted last week

Midterm elections: Jimmy Kimmel exposes people who claim to have voted last week

Today is voting day in the United States, as the public cast their ballot in one of the biggest midterms in the history of the country.

Voter turnout is already higher than anticipated with more than 30 million people already registering their vote early, a significant increase on the 2014 midterms.

Given the current political climate in the US, this fact probably isn't that surprising but even with that in mind, there is still the worry that not enough people will turn up at the polls.

To expose people's willingness to either seem politically aware or doing the right thing by casting their ballot, Jimmy Kimmel sent his crew to the streets of LA to ask if they had voted.

Except they weren't asking if they had voted today. No, they asked if they had voted last Tuesday when nobody could vote.

Remarkably a lot of people claimed to have voted and given very specific details about their polling stations and who and what they voted for.

Watch the latest edition of Lie Witness News in the video below.

Worryingly, this is the first time that Kimmel has caught people out who have supposedly voted.

On the previous edition of Jimmy Kimmel Live people at the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix were asked which candidates they were voted for.

Except all the candidates listed were fake and amazingly, only one person noticed this.

All we can hope is that these people learn from this experience and actually vote in the midterms.

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