Actress Miriam Margolyes is not known for mincing her words.

When the younger stars of today are busy churning out uncontroversial, uber-woke, PR-ready interviews, it’s certainly refreshing to see someone speak their mind about the big issues of today.

The British-Australian actress treated viewers to just that when she was interviewed by Australia’s “News Breakfast” show. The hosts asked Margolyes the questions most British interviewers wouldn’t dare approach. She was asked what she thinks of Brexit: the most polarising political issue of our times.

Her response was, by all accounts, ludicrously iconic.

She said:

I’m not allowed to say the words that spring to mind because it’s early in the morning.

It’s wrong, it’s based on ignorance. Politicians didn’t tell the truth, particularly Boris Johnson. It’s a disaster.

It is absolute nonsense. Piffle. I think it is going to go on for years.

David Cameron, our former prime minister, should be boiled in oil.

Given the refreshingly honest nature of the interview, people were full of praise for the actress on Twitter.

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