The most popular holiday destinations for Europeans have been revealed

Louis Dor
Thursday 29 September 2016 08:00
Picture:(David Ramos/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, World Tourism Day took place, and to celebrate Eurostat published some statistics on where Europeans go for their holidays.

The most popular destinations for Europeans were Spain (5.4 per cent of all nights), France (3.2 per cent) and Italy (3.1 per cent).

Of EU residents, 41.5 per cent elected to stay in the European Union for their holidays.


UK residents preferred Spain (11.5 per cent of nights spent abroad), over France (6.6 per cent) while the US ranked as the third most popular destination (4.7 per cent).

Three out of five Europeans made tourism trips but some countries did more than others - nine Finns out of ten went on a holiday, compared to only a quarter of Romanians.

The country that went on holiday most were residents from Germany, as the below map shows:


The UK came in third in terms of nights spent on holiday, behind France.

The average holiday for a European resident in 2014 was 5.2 nights.

Three out of four trips on holiday were in the country of residency, but this accounted for less than 60 per cent of nights spent on holiday.

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