Mother condemned for saying she doesn’t like playing Barbies with her daughter
Mother condemned for saying she doesn’t like playing Barbies with her daughter

Sometimes, not every comment is meant to be taken literally. A mother in the US is clapping back at critics who labelled her ‘neglectful’ after she admitted she hated playing with her daughter.

Lynn Spinks recently uploaded a video to TikTok openly confessing her distaste for playing dolls with her six-year-old daughter Caroline.

“Last night my daughter asked me to play with her, and I hate doing that,” Spinks said in the video. “I’ll go for a walk, I’ll take you somewhere, but I don’t want to play with your Barbies.”

However, not everyone found the humor in Spinks’ video, with many arguing why have children in the first place if you didn’t enjoy playing with them.

“I am absolutely shocked at the response it has gotten,” Spinks told FEMAIL. “I feel like a lot of people didn’t watch it all the way through and think I am this neglectful mom, but the truth is that I learned how important this aspect of parenting is.”

For those who watched the video in its entirety can attest to Lynn admitting to how her daughter’s joy made her rethink her initial statement.

“I could definitely do that again,” Spinks mentions as the end of the video.

That didn’t stop the rude comments from filtering in, with one user writing: “I am not a parent, so I apologise for my ignorance, but why would you have a child if you didn’t want to be there for them? To play with them.”

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No offense to that person, but commenting on the trails and tribulations of parenting when you haven’t experienced it for yourself seems redundant. That’s just our opinion.

Despite the criticism, Spinks received an outpouring of support from users who commended her honesty.

“For the moms out there bashing this lady, YOU ARE NOT REALISTIC! This is so common. I needed this! You are not alone and YOUR NOT A BAD MOM!” a user wrote on Twitter.

“There was of course another group of wildly supportive parents and they have meant so much to me - especially after reading all of the negative comments,” Spinks said.

Spinks captioned her post: “Parenting is hard, even when it’s easy. The little things really are the big things. Who knew?!”

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