Moment fed-up motorist held up by Insulate Britain plays bagpipes in protesters’ faces

Moment fed-up motorist held up by Insulate Britain plays bagpipes in protesters’ faces

A fed-up motorist who was held up in road block by Insulate Britain decided to retaliate by playing the bagpipes loudly in some of the activists’ faces.

Caught in this morning’s demonstration in Dartford, the man was caught on camera playing a tune in three of the protesters’ faces until police ushered him away.

The musical motorist, who spoke with a Scottish accent, said: “They are holding up ambulances, fire trucks. Disgraceful. You’re damaging your cause.

“What I was doing, obnoxiously, bagpiping in your face, is what you’re doing to all this traffic. You’re obnoxiously holding up people’s lives. You’re damaging your cause guys, you’re actually damaging your cause.”

Insulate Britain caused rush hour chaos for commuters this morning as they targeted the A40 in west London and blocked a junction of the M25.

Kent Police said officers arrested 32 protesters, including four who were suspected of planning the disruption, while the Metropolitan Police said 17 demonstrators were detained at the A40. Some of those arrested had glued themselves to the ground, or to each other.

Although a bagpipe to the face is certainly obnoxious, other protesters have had less amusing interactions with angry motorists this morning.

Christian, 77, a retired doctor, had ink thrown in his face at the demonstration in west London.

He told Greatest Hits Radio London News: “It wasn’t painful, it didn’t hurt, it was unpleasant, but it’s just sad, the whole thing’s sad, it’s sad that we have to do this. I hate doing it, I’m a retired doctor, I’ve spent my life trying to help people and I’m reduced to having to do this because the Government won’t address the problem adequately.”

Other motorists were furious, with one driver threatening to run the protesters over with a lorry.

Across both protest locations, police were filmed trying to de-escalate tensions between drivers and protesters:

This morning’s protests mark the 16th day activists have blocked roads since September 13.

Their renewed protests are in response to a new injunction banning activities that obstruct traffic along the 4,3000-mile network of motorways and major roads in England. This is the fourth injunction taken out in response to Insulate Britain’s protests.

Those who break the injunctions could be found in contempt of court and face a maximum penalty of two years in prison or an unlimited fine.

The Department for Transport said on Tuesday that more than 100 Insulate Britain activists have been served with court papers in relation to the injunctions.

Additional reporting by PA.

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