A musician parodies Trump’s comment about it being a ‘scary time for men in America’ and it’s perfect

@mercedeslynz Twitter screengrab

A musician has responded to Donald Trump after he lamented that it was a ‘scary time for young men in America’ following US Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault hearing.

Lynzy Stewart’s song, titled 'A Scary Time', went viral for its hard-hitting lyrics that are so sarcastic they should be cooked and served up as dinner.

It’s tongue-in-cheek, because it actually outlines all the things that are difficult for women to do, such as “I can’t go to the bar without a chaperone” and “I can’t be brutally honest when you slide into my DMs” and “I can’t ever leave my drink unattended".

The hook goes:

But it sure is scary time for boys, yeah gentlemen band together make some noise, it’s really tough when your reputations on the line and any woman you assaulted could turn up any time.


Her post accumulated tens of thousands of likes, and it was shared across the internet. One of her supporters is the Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo, who shared her song with the caption:

Listen to women like @MercedesLynz to give you an idea of the world as they experience it.

Others expressed support for Lynz. Despite her light-hearted approach, the message about the difficulties women face in society at the hands of men did not go amiss.

Someone even transcribed the lyrics.

People were vibing to it.

And it's being dubbed, rather morbidly, the unofficial #MeToo theme tune.

Here for it (but also we as a society really need to do something about women’s safety).

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