SANA ULLAH / instagram.com/placesyoullpray/

Take a moment to pause and check out this incredible photography project celebrating all the varied places where Muslims pray.

It's called 'Places You'll Pray', and shares its beautiful pictures on Instagram.

Photographer Sana Ullah, a first-generation Bangladeshi raised in Florida, coordinates the project.

She told BuzzFeedthat she was inspired when her family had to pray in a dressing room mall during prayer time.

Ullah subsequently began this US-based photoseries, in which she asks contributors to take her to a place they remember praying, and then photographs them there.

She also asks her subjects to share their memories of prayer in that location.

Challenging the stereotype that praying only occurs in mosques or the home, these pictures show Muslims complete their five daily prayers in fields, basketball courts and even Machu Picchu.

(The) majority of Muslims are not the evil that hurts this world and its people on it, but rather Muslims (are) constantly taught to love it sincerely and find peace with themselves five times a day.

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