These incredible signs were spotted in Finsbury Park after the attack on Muslims


In the wake of any terrorist incident, the outpouring of support from communities is often overwhelming.

In the early hours of Monday morning a van ran into Muslims nearby a Mosque in Finsbury Park, North London.

The incident, which is being treated as an act of terrorism by police, has left one person dead with another eight hospitalised due to their injuries.

Residents from the area have already begun to show their support for the victims.

Signs like these, made by a local woman, sum up the sentiments that many people would wish to express at this time.

Elsewhere flowers and messages have been placed outside the Mosque as a tribute to the victims.

This is the fourth major terrorist attack in a series to hit the UK since March.

The Independent reported on 7 June that there was a 40 per cent increase of racist incidents on 6 June, following the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks.

Investigation into the Finsbury Park incident will be carried out by the Counter Terrorism Command.

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