Muslims are coming together to share beautiful stories from their mosques

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Days after the devastating shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, people are coming together to mourn and send out prayers to the 49 victims and their loved ones.

Messages of love and support have been pouring in from people all over the world, but one Twitter thread in particular made for a beautiful example of solidarity.

The hashtag #PeacefulMosques was created by Rami Idmail on Twitter in an effort to celebrate the Muslim community and the touching mundane experiences they have had at their local mosques. His tweet came after some media reports described the mosque's as "peaceful", which some people had an issue with, arguing that every place of worship is naturally peaceful.

Addressing this in his tweet, Idmail wrote:

Since several news networks emphasise that the mosques at the Christchurch shootings were #PeacefulMosques, as if most aren't:

Hey muslims, tell me something painfully mundane and common at your mosque, whether you visit it five times a day or one time a year.

He started off this challenge by posting his own example:

And soon enough, the hashtag went viral, and people had more magical reflections about their community mosques.

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