Brexiteer Nadine Dorries gets roasted for saying Irish border 'does not exist'

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Now that Christmas is over, we can all resume normal service of arguing about Brexit.

In a resurfaced clip, Alastair Campbell and Nadine Dorries have clashed after the Tory Brexiteer MP accused Remainers of trying to “weaponise” the Irish border issue.

Dorries, who is a member of the Eurosceptic backbench European Research Group, said that the Irish border issue “does not exist” and called it a “red herring”.

During an appearance on ITV’s Peston, she said:

The Irish border question has got to stop being put forward as a red herring.

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) produced a paper this week which showed quite clearly that this is being put forward as a red herring, which is being weaponised and is being used to obfuscate and make the negotiations more difficult.

Fellow guest Alastair Campbell hit back at the MP, responding:

The Irish border problem is real, and if there was a solution to it we would have found it by now. It is mind-blowing that your wing of your party is so cavalier about the genuine impact on the peace process.

If you want to wreck the peace process and wreck the UK that will be on your hands.

Dorries claimed that “modern technology” can be used to monitor people and goods crossing the border. But Campbell responded saying that the technologies aren’t available. “It is mind-blowing, mind-blowing,” he said.

In the appearance, which took place before Theresa May survived a confidence vote in her leadership, Dorries also called for her to resign.

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