Nancy Pelosi throws a ton of shade on Trump after being asked if his letter to her was an act of retaliation

The ongoing war of words between president Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just keeps on escalating.

The two have been at loggerheads for months now over the funding for Trump's border wall which has led to the longest US government shutdown in history.

Things have heightened in the past few days after Trump sent Pelosi a public letter informing her that the White House was revoking her access to a military plane for her planned trips to Afghanistan and Belgium.

Trump went on to suggest that she take the trip on commercial airlines which led to Pelosi's team cancelling the trip as Trump's letter could have compromised their security.

Talking to the press on Friday, Pelosi said that the letter "made the scene on the ground much more dangerous, because it's just a signal to the bad actors that we were coming."

She was then asked if Trump's attempts to disrupt her travel plans was retaliation to her attempts to postpone his State of the Union address.

Her response to the question was a masterclass in throwing shade, telling MSNBC reporter Garrett Haake.

I would hope not. I don’t think the president would be that petty, do you?

Anyone who's anyone knows that 'petty' is basically Donald Trump's middle name as he is prone to throwing a fit over the smallest of things.

This confident and perfect retort against the president couldn't have been better and people were loving her sassiness.

Although this dispute doesn't look like it's going to be solved any time soon at least we know who is winning the battle of wits.

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