A former Nasa engineer who helped make the Mars rover has lent his engineering skills to punishing thieves.

Mark Rober was ticked off when a package he ordered never arrived – and a quick look at his CCTV camera shows why: someone had stolen it.

The nefarious act was picked up by him, and he spent the subsequent six months painstakingly designing and assembling a box that looked like a package, that would punish anyone who tried to steal it from the front of his house.

It involves a glitter bomb, and fart spray.

He combined GPS tracking, cameras, fart spray and different coloured glitter to concoct a mechanism that not only captured thieves on video - it shoot glitter at them followed by pumps of fart spray.

It's beautiful.

In a 10-minute video posted on YouTube, he demonstrates how he built the box, as well as capture the responses of the thieves who were glitter bombed.

Rober gave a nod to the King of Pranksters and wrote on the delivery label that it was from Kevin McAlister to Harry and Marv.

If you know, you know.

One guy plucked the package from the front of the house and opened it in his car. The effect was instantaneous: first the glitter exploded, which prompted many expletives.

Then, the smell came.

‘What’s that smell?’ he demanded to himself, before rolling down his window and chucking the offending box away.

‘That s**t stinks,’ another man said to his friends, adding that he shouldn’t have stolen it.

In another clip, a woman and her quilt are covered by glitter and fart smells, prompting her to throw the box outside in the bin.

Needless to say, the video went very viral, and people all over the world praised the engineer.

Here, you can watch the entire, glorious affair below:

This is the level of petty we should all aspire for.

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