These two speeches show us how different Barack Obama and Trump really are

Trump and Obama can't stand each other, that much is clear.

But now two videos are showing us just how different the two presidents are.

The National Prayer Breakfast is an American tradition that goes back to 1953 and has witnessed speeches from every president from Eisenhower to Trump.

The event is supposed to be a non-partisan event where prominent individuals from the political, business and social worlds meet and pray together.

This year's event just happened to coincide with the day after Donald Trump was acquitted of two articles of impeachment. Oh goodie.

As we said the event isn't supposed to be political, but do you think Trump abided by that rule?

Absolutely not.

Trump proceeded to moan about the impeachment, the Democrats, the stock market and also brandished a newspaper bearing the headline 'Trump acquitted.'

It wasn't just this year that Trump has committed this offence either.

At his very first National Prayer Breakfast in 2017, he unbelievably spoke about Arnold Schwarzenegger's ill-fated run on The Apprentice.

Just to show how inappropriate and out of place Trump's comments are at such an event, Jimmy Kimmel put together a compilation of the president's words with the words spoken by Barack Obama at the exact same event.

The contrast is something else...

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