It’s so hot that this man got stuck in melted tarmac

Tyne & Wear Fire & Rescue Service

In another example which proves Britain isn't used to having excessive amounts of heat. a man has been rescued by firefighters after he became stuck in melted tarmac.

Melted tarmac. Apparently, it's entirely down to the glorious and now tarmac-melting weather the UK is experiencing.

The 24-year-old was left without recourse after his leg sank 'thigh deep' into the road on a back lane in Newcastle, forcing him to call the local fire department for help.

Firefighters had to dig up the ground around him with a hammer and chisel before they could slide his left leg out.

Thankfully the man was uninjured from the ordeal, the Tyne and Wear Fire service chalked this up to the fact he was "wearing his granddads Dr Martens".

A spokesman for the fire service blamed the current heatwave, and said:

During the good weather please be mindful things like this can happen - be more aware when you're walking around.

This comes after not only as a bin lorry sank into a road in Berkshire, but also as buildings in Scotland began to melt last week.

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