On Thursday evening, the British public took to the streets, gardens, balconies and windows to applaud the NHS and care workers who have been on the front line in the battle to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

The round of applause started at 8 pm and lasted for around a minute or so and featured cheering and even the odd firework. It was a small but moving gesture towards a large group of people that we can't currently thank in person but have already done so much to keep everyone safe.

On paper, it might have seemed a little cheesy and some were sceptical cynical Brits would go through with it, but the people came together and made it a rather special moment in these worrying times.

If you didn't know about this beforehand, you might have been very confused about what was going on, especially for delivery drivers or joggers.

However, not everyone was impressed, especially when they saw Tory MPs or neighbours that voted Tory in the last general election joining in on the applause.

Of course, it's easy to cynical and critical of this type of thing but let's just remember who it was for.

At the time of writing, the Department of Health and Social Care have carried out 104,866 coronavirus tests. 93,208 of those were negative, while 11,658 came back as positive and have sadly resulted in 578 deaths.

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