Nick Clegg just came up with the best metaphor for the mess that is Brexit

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Former Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is not a big fan of Brexit.

Over a year ago, Clegg gave a damning prediction of what Britian's post-EU future will look like.

Now he has returned to deliver an even more scornful take on how the Tories have handled Brexit negotiations so far.

Appearing on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, the 50-year-old delivered a cutting Brexit analogy.

In case you unaware, Brexit talks aren't exactly going swimmingly.

Over the weekend, The Sunday Times claimed that Theresa May is putting together a secret payment package of £50 billion which will see Britain pay between £7bn and £17bn to the EU in the three years after Brexit kicks in.

However, Brexit Secretary David Davis has already denied these reports and stated that there will be no payments.

It's another embarrassing mess and Clegg's comment has gone down very well, in certain quarters.

However, you can't please everyone.

Regardless, we can't help but be reminded of this Bernard Cribbins song which also works as a Brexit metaphor.

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