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The former UKIP leader Gerard Batten lived to regret taking aim at Sky News anchor Kay Burley in a Twitter exchange for the ages.

Burley tweeted on Sunday and initially had some thoughts about Batten's former UKIP colleague Nigel Farage and his chances at the next general election.

So @Nigel_Farage says he will stand for parliament at the next election - again.

He’s failed to succeed many times before including losing to a dolphin. Well, a man dressed as a dolphin, but ya know#ridge#GeneralElection#brexitcrisis

Batten, not taking kindly to these words, quoted the tweet but added his own thoughts:

How did you get your job Kay? You were recruited by people as biased as you are otherwise you wouldn’t be on TV every day. The public have no say in putting you there & we can’t get rid of you. So don’t take the piss out of someone who actually stands for election.

Burley responded in style listing her credentials and Batten's failings:

I studied for an NCTJ qualification in law; public admin; English & shorthand.

I worked in local TV & radio

I presented TV-am breakfast show

I have worked @ Sky News for 31 years

I write for the national press

Your own party banned YOU from standing again as leader of UKIP

Needless to say, Burley's response went down a treat.

And that's the end of that chapter.

HT The Poke

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