Nigel Farage threatened to boycott a second Brexit referendum and people were delighted

Nigel Farage's response to the suggestion that a second referendum on Brexit has been, how shall we say, less than enthusiastic.

On Monday evening he wasn't exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of Labour backing another referendum, despite saying that he would welcome one in 2016.

He's continued on his anti-second referendum campaign by appearing on Sky News on Tuesday morning to voice his disgruntlement even further.

Asked if he resisted the idea of a second referendum, the former UKIP leader and MEP said:

I'll tell you what I do resist the very idea that Emily Thornberry is putting forward that the referendum would be between remain and Mrs May's deal, which is Brexit in name only.

In those circumstances, I wouldn't campaign and I wouldn't vote because it wouldn't offer me Brexit. 

Adam Boulton then quips back by saying that if Farage were to abstain then it would suit a lot of people, including his political opponents' which he didn't like the sound of.

Well, hang on a second. You have to have a certain amount of turn out for any referendum to be valid. 

Honestly, if we are offered remain or Brexit in name only, why would I vote? 

Asked if he would campaign for an abstention he simply replied that he would "go on holiday."

It would be an outrage. Remain shouldn't be on the ballot paper but if we are forced into this it would have to be remain or leave.

For many people, this was music to their ears as the thought of another referendum campaign without Farage and his usual rhetoric would be a breath of fresh air.

As always, there were some fine jokes knocking around.

I wonder where he will go on holiday? Maybe somewhere in Europe?

HT Sky News

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