Fox News thinks Nigel Farage is 'basically royalty'

With the royal wedding finally here, all the world's media have descended upon London to cover the huge event.

Among those are Donald Trump's favourite news outlet Fox,who have gone all out in a bid to get the best possible coverage of Harry and Meghan's big day.

This includes recruiting Nigel Farage - yes, Nigel Farage - to show them around some rather adequate tourist locations in the capital.

Not only does that sound like an absolute jamboree (just to clarify, we're being sarcastic) host Ainsley Yearhardt introduced the former UKIP leader as being "basically royalty".

The astonishing news segment really captures the heart of London, didn't it?

Who doesn't enjoy wandering around old bunkers on a summer's afternoon and hanging about in a 'traditional British pub' with the man responsible for Brexit?

Oh, and it's not like anyone has ever been on the London Eye before - although we did enjoy the part where he basically explains to Ainsley Earhardt how a giant ferris wheel works.

Unsurprisingly his appearance on Fox, his description as a member of royalty, and their mediocre jaunt around London hasn't gone down too well on social media.

Quite frankly, we're astonished that Mr Farage didn't take Ainsley to go and see the site where he was reported for fly-tipping a load of fish.

Or show how the various examples of multiculturism that have influenced terror attacks in the capital.

Still, it looks like Nigel enjoyed himself (it's not like he's got much else to do now anyway).

HT Fox News

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