There are few sights or sensations more alerting than one of Britain's most controversial politicians appearing on a live stream wearing shorts that were arguably too short.

That's right Nigel Farage, whose attire at the best of times looks like a retired farmer cosplaying as a Peaky Blinder, spoke on Facebook Live about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the government's response but for some reason, he deemed a pair of old shorts more appropriate for this live stream than a pair of trousers.

Now, we know that everyone, including Farage, is under lockdown regulations and we've all been lounging around in whatever we feel comfortable in but if you are a politician who is going to do a live stream on social media, then a serious reconsidering of costume should be required. These shorts were borderline explicit and NSFW.

While Farage, who has been critical of the government's response to Covid-19, probably said something worth engaging with, people just couldn't get over the shorts and Twitter was soon flooded by jokes about the Brexiteer's poor choice of slacks.

There were the inevitable Alan Partridge comparisons.

Also, what was the decor in his house all about?

Maybe Farage will keep this look once the pandemic is over.

Still, at least he didn't choose to march from Sunderland to London in this outfit.

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