Nine embarrassing incidents Jeremy Hunt probably wants us all to forget about

Junior doctors across England walked out of work at 8am on Wednesday, marking the beginning of the second 24-hour strike amid the ongoing dispute over changes to their contracts.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has not come off well during the stand-off between the British Medical Association (BMA) and the government and NHS Employers over redefining weekends and evenings so they don't count as 'anti-social' working hours.

New Ipsos Mori polling data shows that the public overwhelmingly blame the Conservatives for the strikes: just 13 per cent who say it is junior doctors' fault compared to 64 per cent who blame the Government.

It was reported that last-minute negotiations were scuppered after Hunt personally vetoed one deal agreed by officials.

But of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg for the embattled health secretary. Other moments Hunt would probably rather forget include:

That time he hit an unsuspecting woman with a bell end

All those times people asked why MPs like Hunt get a food allowance after 7pm and a taxi home later than 11pm, but junior doctors are expected to do the same hours without the perks

That time when James Naughtie accidentally called him a swear word on the Today programme and couldn't get through the next few sentences without laughing

That time MPs actually debated whether to sack him

A parliamentary petition requesting a debate for a vote of no confidence in Hunt was started by Dr Ash Sadighi, who argued that Hunt had “alienated the entire workforce of the NHS” with his plans “to impose a harsh contract and conditions on first consultants and soon the rest of the NHS staff".

It was heard in September.

The time it was pointed out he wants doctors to work weekends but apparently is only available for his constituents on Fridays

That time he got followed around by a sousaphone

That time the shadow health secretary called an emergency debate over the strikes and he didn't show up

Hunt was conspicuously absent from a Commons debate on Monday about the ongoing junior doctors' contract quagmire.

Shadow Health Secretary Heidi Alexander called the debate question directed to Hunt, but she and other MPs were met by junior health minister Ben Gummer instead.

That time when the BBC broadcast a giant Jeremy Hunt protest vagina

That time when a doctor in the audience of Question Time refused to say Hunt's name for fear of 'mispronouncing it deliberately'

All in all: what a time to be Jeremy Hunt

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