Obama joked about Republicans filling a border moat full of alligators and snakes eight years ago

Marianne Eloise@marianne_eloise
Thursday 03 October 2019 10:00

This week, the New York Times reported Trump’s alleged plans for border control: shooting migrants in the legs, an electrified wall, spikes, and uhh...a moat filled with, “snakes or alligators”.

While all of that is insane and wildly inhumane, it’s also not entirely original.

Footage has now emerged of President Obama suggesting similar ideas in 2011 – mocking Republicans by suggesting that they would want to build a moat between the U.S. and Mexico.

Jon Favreau tweeted, “This was literally a joke that Obama used in 2011 to mock Republicans on border security,” with a link to an article about the speech.

It wasn't just Obama that was suggesting such a thing either...

A Stephen Colbert clip from four years ago has also resurfaced, in which Colbert jokes with Trump that he should build a wall and a moat filled with, “fire” or “crocodiles”.

Trump has denied his moat and alligator-based plans, naturally, via Twitter. “I may be tough on Border Security, but not that tough. The press has gone Crazy. Fake News!” he said.

If nothing else, this makes it pretty clear that you shouldn’t really joke with these people.

HT The Hill

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