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Sixteen-year-old Alyssa Elkins, from Ohio, suffers from leukaemia.

After undergoing four months of treatment in 2015, the cancer unfortunately returned, and she decided not to go through a second round of treatment.

Instead, she wanted to spend the remainder of her time – between one and six months without treatment – with her family.

She also decided to create a bucket list.

A bucket list is a list of experiences or accomplishments a person wishes to achieve before they die.

There were a few cute wishes on there, including to getting the chance to pet a miniature pig.

And one that said she wanted to taser someone.

Elkins remembered a video of her uncle, Josh Barry – a state trooper – who had been tasered during training. And she wanted to try it out.

On Sunday, she went to Newark Police Station.

They police there were more than happy to help with her request, and it didn’t take long to train her in how to use the device.

Sgt Doug Bline volunteered to help fulfil her wish, and be the one who was tasered.

Picture:Picture: The Columbus Dispatch/screengrab

Bline told The Columbus Dispatch:

It's painful, but given her situation, it's a no-brainer. If I were her parent in this situation, I'd be happy to know that someone was willing to do this for her.

Less painful wishes on her list included shopping for a wedding dress, sending a message in a bottle, a prayer day and a performance by her favourite band, Indiana Bible College.

Elkins is not a violent girl, and her sister wasn’t even sure she’d be able to push the button. In the end, her uncle stepped on the mat and let her taser him, too.

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