Paris attack grocery siege: What we know

The Hypercacher can be seen at the top left of this photo taken by a local resident (Picture: @Fiaxhs)
  • Police have stormed a kosher supermarket in east Paris where several hostages were being held.

  • A hostage taker has reportedly been killed, these reports are unconfirmed.

  • Several hostages were seen being helped from the scene by police.

  • The police had named two suspects wanted in connection with the siege - Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene.

  • Police did not specify whether both were at the scene.

  • Explosions were heard at around 4.15pm (GMT), shortly after similar scenes at the print works in Dammartin.

  • The gunman reportedly demanded the release of the two suspects at the siege in Dammartin, which was ongoing 25 miles away in north-east of Paris. That has now ended too.

  • The Hypercacher store is near Port de Vincennes in east Paris (see map below).

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