A bakery in Pennsylvania could be the deciding factor in who wins the US election, if you believe in superstition.

Lochel’s Bakery in Hatboro has correctly predicted the last three federal elections – this is ever since they started making special election cookies in 2008.

In the lead up to the 2008 election, the bakery made a batch of sugar cookies iced with the names of Barack Obama and John McCain.

The Democrat cookies outsold the Republican ones and sure enough, Obama won the election.

The same process happened in 2012 with Obama winning reelection and then in 2016 when Trump won.

So what’s the count this time around?

Well contrary to national opinion polls, the bakery predicted a landslide victory to Trump – if the cookie count is to be believed.

The final tally had a total of 31,804 Trump cookies sold and just 5,750 Biden ones.

The results were definitely skewed after Eric Trump visited the bakery last month and Fox News covered the visit.

He then tweeted about it:

Kathleen Lochel told Vogue:

I try to keep my own personal beliefs and politics out of the bakery. I left an open invitation on our social media that I’d welcome both candidates or families or any local politician from either side, and [Eric Trump] is the only one that came.

Pennsylvania is a crucial swing state for the US election because of its high number of electoral college votes.

As it currently stands, Biden is predicted to take Pennsylvania but it’s still anyone’s game.

Will the bakery’s history of predicting the US election result be right?

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