Pensioner angrily runs over man with his mobility scooter for ‘buying the last pasty’

Pensioner angrily runs over man with his mobility scooter for ‘buying the last pasty’
Pensioner uses mobility scooter to run over customer for 'taking last pasty'
Oak Leigh DevonLive / BPM Media

An angry pensioner on a mobility scooter knocked a man down after he managed to buy the last pasty at a bakery in Devon.

The 32-second clip, that's gone viral on social media, shows the elderly man waving his walking stick before slowly following the man and driving into him with his wheels.

This caused the man with the pasty to fall over the sign displayed outside a shop, as passersby intervened and grabbed the walking stick out of the pensioner's hand.

Meanwhile, another member of the public took the keys to the mobility scooter out of the ignition to stop the pensioner from moving.

A local captured the chaotic scene as it unfolded. They appeared to be looking onto the exterior of Country Cottage Bakery in Bideford where the incident occurred.

The man who got the pasty ended up falling over the sign displayed outside a shop after the pensioner drove his mobility scooter into him.Oak Leigh DevonLive / BPM Media

Oak Leigh who watched what happened, noted how the frustrated pasty-less pensioner was "taking it out on a few people."

“They were arguing because he had the last pasty from the bakery and then bumped into him," she told Devon Live.

“He was taking it out on a few people there.

“After I got my phone out [the incident] happened.”

In the end, the fight over the £4.30 steak pasty led Devon and Cornwall Police to identify the pensioner before seizing the mobility scooter from him.

Images show the scooter getting driven by a PCSO who took it back to the station.

A Bideford Police spokesperson said: “Residents of Bideford may have seen this slightly unusual sight today. And while we are an equal opportunity employer, no, we currently don’t have any plans to launch mobility scooter patrols.

“We attended an incident early today, which is related to a video currently circulating on social media.

“This led to us seizing a mobility scooter which one of our officers then had to ride back to the station. We have identified the owner but all other parties had already left prior to our arrival. We don’t currently have any victims that have come forward to us."

“If you were involved in the incident and wish to report this to us, please call 101 and quote log number: 298/12.12.2023”

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