People are angry that this 'feminist' advert about bums spectacularly missed the point

People are angry that this 'feminist' advert about bums spectacularly missed the point
Picture: Wrangler/Facebook/screengrab

The representation of women in the media is always a contentious subject.

Clothing giant Wrangler released a three-minute video for their new European campaign #MoreThanABum, which features Grammy award-winning singer Kimbra, as well as a number of other female professionals talking about being a successful woman.

Picture: Wrangler/Facebook/screengrab

However, not long after its Friday release on Facebook, people online accused the video of being anti-feminist:

And when the campaign went live on Twitter, it was condemned there too...

The video got women to say the word ‘bum’ and then Kimbra put it together in a backing track and sang to it.

In the face of such criticism, Wrangler was compelled to respond on Facebook:

We are using the same language that advertisements often have, but turning it on its head: hey, here's a split second of her bum... then... here is a woman who has done all these great things. Our Body Bespoke line was created around this idea: that a line of jeans engineered to look great on everyone's behind means women stop wasting time trying endless models on, so they can move on to what they really want to use their time and energy for.

We as women all want to look good, why deny that? But looking good should never be our main concern - and Wrangler designed the whole Body Bespoke line around precisely that…in this film we are being represented by women who have done many fascinating things with their time. Why not look at their story and not just at the images of their bums? That's what the film really wants to push you to do.

The advert has remained unchanged, and you can view it, below:

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