People are sharing this iconic David Bowie mugshot from the 70s

Everyone is talking about David Bowie since the news he died aged 69 emerged this morning.

From his early beginnings at a suburban London pub, to a collection of his most memorable lyrics, he's the man of the moment.

Bowie had an incredible life, and a small, yet memorable part of it is his police mugshot - Bowie, then 29 and just a year before his release of Heroes, was booked in 1976 while staying at a hotel in upstate New York.

Bowie was arrested alongside fellow star Iggy Pop and a bodyguard in Rochester for possession of cannabis. He was held in Monroe County jail for a few hours before being released.

The Smoking Gun found the police mugshot back in 2007 and just five days ago it resurfaced on Reddit.

As the news of his death from cancer dominated the headlines, Bowie's awesome mug shot has come to the fore once more.

The photo was discovered by a man called Gary Hess, an auction house employee clearing out the home of a retired police officer.

Bowie certainly has a claim for the coolest mugshot ever taken. He defined style throughout his career.

And he was still looking fresh in police custody.

And from the side:

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