People are sharing the most stupid reasons why they got in trouble at school

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What did you get in trouble for at school? Unless you were ridiculously well-behaved, undoubtedly you will have got on the teacher’s bad side at one time or another.

From hoarding illicit Pokémon cards and Tamagotchis to disrupting circle time, we can all recall at least one time when we got in trouble.

Twitter user @anygafs started a thread asking people to share the dumbest things they got punished for. It will send you right back to detention.

Here are some of the best.

1. Reading is strictly forbidden

2. Worth it?

3. Too real

4. Emo angst

5. Shoe envy

6. A lucky coincidence

7. Being a good friend

8. Ginsberg would be proud

9.What's your flavour?

10. Vicious circle of detentions

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