People are trying to sum up 2017 in four words and it is depressing

Greg Evans
Sunday 19 November 2017 10:00
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2017 isn't going to rank up there as one of the best.

It was the year that Donald Trump finally entered the White House. Racial tensions in America and the rest of the world rose to worrying levels. Britain's Brexit negotiations with the European Union have been a bit of a disaster. North Korea have threatened nuclear war. The Grenfell fire happened. Celebrity sexual assault scandals have exposed previously respected figures as nothing more than deviants.

We could go on.

What would be the best way to sum the last 11 months up (remembering we've still got one more to go)?

How about a Twitter hashtag?

#2017in4Words has started to trend on social media and most of the posts are thoroughly depressing.

Donald Trump is a popular topic:

Everyone misses Obama:

Some men are just the worst:

The Tories were not popular, either:

Terrorism and racism sucks:

Others had a more positive out look on things:

Some were a bit more comedic:

Much like Agent Dale Cooper, we find ourselves asking this question:

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