Pete Buttigieg applauded at Fox News town hall after saying Trump is 'echoing the language of dictators'

Darren Richman
Monday 27 January 2020 15:30
Picture:(Fox News/ Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

The potential Democratic nominee for the presidential election, Pete Buttigieg received a round of applause at a Fox News town hall event on Sunday when he accused president Donald Trump of “echoing the language of dictators.”

Buttigieg was asked a question related to foreign policy and how he would handle the situation in the Middle East. He replied:

We have to decide what our priorities are and raise the bar for the use of force. What we need to do is build up, not tear up our international partnerships.

American lives depend on relationships with our allies. We shouldn’t can doing any of this alone. We shouldn’t have to be doing any of this alone.

He went on to champion the human values of the American people before adding:

But that only works if we are authentically living up to them and that starts right at home, because how can we be a force for stability and human rights and democracy and freedom abroad if our own president is echoing the vocabulary of dictators, saying unfavourable coverage is the work of the ‘enemy of the people?’ We’ve got to get our own house in order, and then we’ll be in a much better position for global leadership.

The answer, despite this being at a Fox News event, a network that is almost partizan in its support for Trump, drew applause from those in attendance.

Buttigieg's evening wasn't quite as seamless.

After being asked about the tragic passing of Kobe Bryant, he said:

They were inspired by what he did on the field, what he meant off the field.

Buttigieg, there obviously forgetting that Bryant played on a court and not a field.

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