Pete Doherty conquers giant breakfast challenge few have completed

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Peter Doherty has scarfed down a gigantic breakfast as part of a café challenge.

The Libertines frontman passed through Cliftonville and ate at the Dalby Cafe.

Four rashers of bacon, four eggs, four sausages, four hash browns, onion rings, bubble and squeak, beans, two lices of bread as well as a quarter pounder burger and chips.

That’s what he ate. In under 20 minutes – the time requirement needed to get the meal for free.

Café owner Mark Ezekiel told Kent Live: 'The challenge has been going on since 2004, and 15 or 16 people have managed to complete it in total.'

Only five or six have managed too complete it in 20 minutes. He really surprised us that he managed it. He might be slim, but he is very tall.

Ezekiel added that the singer ‘wolfed down two thirds of it’ in just six or seven minutes.

That feeling you're getting? It's indigestion from reading this.

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