The shocking moment pick-pockets steal tourist’s purse is captured on selfie-stick footage

The shocking moment pick-pockets steal tourist’s purse is captured on selfie-stick footage

Two female pickpockets have inadvertently become the centre of a viral video after they were caught on a tourist’s camera taking a designer purse, which contained £400.

Nina Spencer, 51, and friend Toi McGurran, also 51, were crossing the road near Cambridge Circus, going towards the Palace Theatre and speaking into a selfie stick all the while.

As they did, Toi noticed her Louis Vuitton handbag – along with the £400 inside and her credit cards – were missing.

The pair looked back on the video they had been taking on their selfie stick and realised that two women had been walking closely behind them.

Footage shows that one of the women, dressed in a black leather jacket clutching a red smart phone, had been looking at her handbag.

In a move that took just seconds, one of the women (dressed in a black jumper with a pair of sunglasses over her head) shielded her friend’s hand with a black shopping bag whilst she plucked Toi’s purse out from her bag.

A third person wearing an orange scarf and sunglasses appears in the footage and received the stolen purse under their coat, before all three of them walk briskly away in the opposite direction.

Picture: ViralPress screengrab

Nina reported the theft to the police but said the wallet has not yet been returned. According to Metro Online, she said: “We reported this to the police straight away.”

They asked me for the location where it happened and we sent them the video of it. ‘We don’t think it’s possible to have the money back now. But we just want to be helpful and let the police be aware of things going on in the city.

She added: “It’s sad that this had to spoil our trip. I hope the police can catch them so that it doesn’t happen to other people.”

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