Someone seems to have gone a little rogue on Thursday night when an official school Twitter account called Piers Morgan a ‘fascist pig’ after his appearance on Question Time.

The Good Morning Britain host appeared on the BBC show to discuss topics like Brexit and Donald Trump’s state visit alongside MPs Nicky Morgan, Drew Hendry and Anneliese Dodds as well as Daily Mirror editor Alison Phillips.

Following the debate, an official account for Gowerton Primary School, in Swansea, Wales, tweeted:

I don’t normally comment on Twitter but watching Piers Morgan on Question Time. What an obnoxious, ignorant, fascist pig. Why do we give people like him air time?

The tweet, which was posted alongside pictures of student partaking in school trips and activities, did not go unnoticed by Piers Morgan, who responded saying: "You represent a PRIMARY SCHOOL, speaking like this on Twitter? Wow".

The school account was deleted shortly after his response.

The acting headteacher of the school, Debbie Roberts, told The Mirror:

The tweet doesn't reflect the values of the school in anyway. I would like to send deep apologies to Piers Morgan.

We're looking into how it happened. I just hope this doesn't snowball any further. I would think everybody would understand it is human error.

Whether an accident or not, whoever wrote the fateful tweet will definitely get a good telling to by the head teacher today.

HT The Mirror

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