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As long as you don't have a fear of flying, the views from a plane journey are often stunning.

Coast lines, cityscapes, mountain tops and clouds are always more impressive from 39,000 ft.

They even looked good on Ryanair.

However, there is one part of a flight that passengers will never get to see and that is the view from a cockpit when landing.

Thanks to Qatar Airways pilot, Sandeep Varma, you can now experience this captivating experience from the comfort of your home.

Varma captured the following two minute clip of a plane landing in Queensland, New Zealand.

Starting off high above the clouds, it dips inside the cover for a few moments before revealing the stunning landscape below and then finally landing.

The mesmeric clip, which would be perfect for a Sigur Ros music video, has since gone viral online with some people being amazed at what they saw.

Most seem absolutely terrified though. Perhaps it was the lack of visibility in those clouds?

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