Pizza worker drives more than 200 miles to give terminally ill man his favourite pizza


The internet is sometimes a bleak place, but sometimes it uncovers stories that warm the soul.

In today’s cookie-with-a-goey-centre news, a teenage pizza shop worker travelled 225 miles to bring a dying man his favourite pizza.

Eighteen year-old Dalton Shaffer, an employee at Steve's Pizza in Michigan, went the extra mile (or 225 to be precise) to put a smile on a customer’s face.

Rich Morgan and his wife are long-time fans of Steve's Pizza and were planning a trip to their restaurant from Indianapolis, where they currently live. Heartbreakingly, due to his illness, Rich was taken into a hospice and was unable to make the trip.

But Julia’s dad David secretly contacted the restaurant to tell them the story, hoping they’d be able to send them a card or coupon. But Dalton didn’t think that this would quite cut it.

He told Fox 2 Detroit:

He said that his family was thinking about coming up and grabbing pizza.

But due to the circumstances they weren't able to do that.

Dalton then made a mushroom and pepperoni pizza and began the 200-mile journey, arriving at 2.30am.

He said:

The family came out, gave me a hug. It was cool. The expressions on their face and everything like that.

Although the family offered him a bed for the night, Dalton decided to drive back to make sure he was able to complete his next shift.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this employee needs a raise, right now.

H/T: Lad Bible

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