Your PlayStation 4 might be full of cockroaches


There could be something lurking in your video game console.

Not the sort of virtual monsters or aliens that you fight in Dark Souls or Resident Evil. But real life bugs.

Kotaku have spoken to repairman Patrick Che, who fixes consoles in New York. And he says that PlayStation 4s becoming infested with cockroaches is a surprisingly common occurrence.

Yes, really. Che says his shop gets at least one machine full of roaches a week, and charges $25 to get rid of them.

Apparently, the design of them makes them a perfect roach hotel. They lie on their side, often in the dark, and get quite warm. Xbox Ones can also become infested, but it’s much more common in PS4s.

As well as filling your home with disgusting critters, the roaches can damage the machines, causing them to short circuit and stop working.

This video explains it in more detail:

So how do you keep them out of your console? Kotaku recommends:

  • Storing it out in the open, to allow sufficient airflow around it
  • Keeping it higher up, not on the floor so roaches have a hard time climbing to it
  • Just keeping your home clean, obviously.

Hopefully this doesn’t creep you out too much.

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