Matthew Perry has revealed his favourite Chandler one-liner of all time

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It's been 13 years since Friends ended and the cast STILL can't escape being asked about it everywhere they go.

Chandler Bing, sorry we mean Matthew Perry, appeared on Good Morning America this week to promote his new mini-series After Camelot - where he stars as Ted Kennedy opposite Katie Holmes.

Despite being there to talk about an entirely different show, the hosts couldn't help asking him about his time on the NBC sitcom - even showing a clip.

It then transpired that Perry's favourite line isn't an obvious choice - but a classic Joey and Chandler moment.

It comes from Season 2's "The One With Ross's New Girlfriend," where Joey (Matt LeBlanc) couldn't remember how old he was when he got his first suit.

I was 15. No, wait … 16. No, excuse me, 15. ... All right, when was 1990?

To which Chandler quipped

Okay, you have to stop the Q-tip when there’s resistance!

Matthew laughed while watching the clip and said he missed the show.

Could this BE anymore satisfying?

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