These models asked for their images to be photoshopped so they could send an important message

Instagram/ Diana Sirokai

Diana Sirokai and Callie Thorpe are both plus size models.

The duo recently shared two before and after pictures of themselves on Instagram.

The before and after images did not show them in different poses, or how their weight had changed as many other models do - they instead revealed two heavily photoshopped pictures.

These doctored images completely change their appearance, to the point that you could swear that they were different people.

You're probably asking "Why would they do this?"

Their goal was to highlight how easily it is for photo editors, magazines and the media to change people's appearances and manipulate our perception of reality.

Click on the posts below to see the results and read their inspiring messages.

Encouraging users to "swipe right for reality," the images not only demonstrate just how convincing editing tools can be, but also show how women can reclaim their true selves, without conforming to the usual "fit and slim" body stereotype.

Callie and Diana enlisted the help of photographer Karina Plotavteca to manipulate the photos by slimming the two models down and removing any trace of cellulite.

She also shared the images online.

This is the latest unique take on the body positive movement, which is growing increasingly popular on Instagram.

Most recently Georgia Gibbs and Kate Wasley, two models abused for their contrasting sizes, hit back at trolls with a inspiring campaign.

Their popularity has grown to the point that they recently took part in a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

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