This man's offer to buy a pool table from someone online was irresistible for the most hilarious reason

Getty Images/iStockphoto/ Imgur

We all know the feeling of watching an item that you really want on eBay or Facebook Marketplace only to miss out at the final moment.

It's a gutting sensation and you just wish you could turn back the hands of time and just bid that tiny bit more.

That's not exactly what happened to a man trying to buy a pool table (with a wobbly leg) from someone in Southampton on Facebook, but he tried his darnedest to convince the seller otherwise.

In a post on the picture sharing website Imgur, the seller, John, is contacted by a man who wants the pool table but when he's told that it has gone, the conversation goes in a hilarious direction.

Scroll through the post below to see how things played out.

There you go then.

If you miss out on an online auction all you need to do is offer them 20 quid and a box of Country Crisp cereal.

HT Bored Panda

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