If you're struggling to entertain the family this holiday season, try 'Poop the potato'

Jessica Brown@Jessica_E_Brown
Monday 26 December 2016 13:45
Picture:(Shutterstock / Yeko Photo Studio)

If the awkward small talk is already starting to die off and you're stuck at home with the relatives for another few days, fear not.

You don't have to descend into arguing about politics, or sink to reading out all of the jokes that came from the crackers - because the 'Poop the Potato' game exists.

All you need is one raw potato for everyone involved, and two five-gallon (around 20 litre) buckets.

The game was started by Barbara Dalton from Missouri, and she posted it to her Facebook. It’s since had more than 41 million views.

The idea is pretty simple:

Grab a potato in-between your bum cheeks

Walk/shuffle to the bucket

And release

Here's the video showing how it's done:

Babs, you're a genius.

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