Rememberance Sunday is a time to reflect on all the men and women who have served our country in the past, but also to thank those who continue to do so today.

Each year, it feels like “tributes” to those who died at war become more bizarre. Remember the poppy Christmas tree? Or the football mascot who dressed as a poppy?

As the culture war over how to exactly remember the fallen continues, this year there have been even more strange shows of solidarity, like the Bristol landlord who is refusing to serve anyone who isn’t wearing a poppy.

Sean Donnelly, owner of the Three Lions pub in Bristol, said anyone who shows up without their red poppy pin will either be turned away or advised to wear one on Remembrance Sunday.

The pins will be available to buy from the bar in a bid to raise money for the British Legion. Donnelly is also offering a free drink to any current or former member of the Armed Forces.

Last year, Donnelly said that he was even checking people’s poppies to check that they had the 2018 date on, as some had dusted off poppies from previous years to avoid making a donation.

It was also reported that he had banned white poppies. White poppies stand for remembrance for all victims of war of all nationalities, a commitment to peace and a rejection of any attempt to celebrate or sanitise war.

On Twitter, not everyone was keen on the idea. Some people accused Donnelly of “trivialising” the issue and of contradicting his own point by dictating to people what they can wear.

HT: Metro

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