Following president Trump’s State of the Union address last week, the president took to Twitter to express himself, as he so often does.

In a tweet that was even unorthodox by Trump standards, the president posted a video of his speech set to the classic 1992 R.E.M. song 'Everybody Hurts'.

As the sad music played, the clip showed the glum faces of Trump’s political opponents such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders.

The clip was quickly removed from Twitter for copyright infringement after the band objected to its use. R.E.M’s bassist Mike Mills even called Trump an “a**h***” on Twitter.

But the following day, Trump posted another compilation clip of his speech set to new music.

This time it was an overly patriotic song called 'God Bless the USA' by the country and western star Lee Greenwood, originally released way back in 1984 (trust Trump to still be listening to music from 40 years ago).

The video sees Trump rejecting socialism as Republicans clap, while some Democrats sit glumly.

It didn't take the Twitter jury long to decide they aren't fans of Trump's new posting habit.

But at least some of his adoring fans saw the funny side.

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