Donald Trump told a steelworker his dead father would be proud of him - but the steelworker's father is alive

In such turbulent, uncertain times, President Trump’s excruciating media appearances are one of life's few remaining consistencies.

This week’s toe-curler occurred at a press conference intended to outline the Stable Genius-in-Chief's new tariffs on imported steel and aluminium.

After inviting steelworkers from the United Steelworkers Union (USU) to the White House, Trump was faced with the hardest task of all: a normal human interaction.

Considering he recently required written instructions on how to behave appropriately around bereaved parents following the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, this was always going to be a challenge.

USU president Scott Sauritch told Trump that his father had lost his job in the steel industry.

To which he responded:

Your father, Herman, is looking down. He's very proud of you right now.

Sauritch awkwardly replied:

He's still alive.

As the audience laughed, Trump quickly shot back:

Oh, he is? Well then he's even more proud of you!

This must be what happens when you're like, really smart.

TB: The Hill

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