Proof of just how left-wing Scottish politics has become?

In what can only be described as a failing of modern polling or the media's job of informing the electorate, two per cent of Scottish adults have said they see Jeremy Corbyn as "very right wing".

The Islington North MP, who has been reviled in the British media as a communist and described as riding a "Chairman Mao-style bike" (otherwise known as a bike), has somehow been described by three per cent as on the right wing of politics, including two per cent who said he was "very" so.

The respondents had an option to indicate that they didn't know, which 33 per cent selected.

This leads us to assume that these respondents either have laughably strange perceptions of the man, that 'left wing' and 'right wing' are inaccurate signifiers for politicians these days, or that they may have been (gasp) fibbing.

Despite this small cadre who say otherwise, Mr Corbyn was polled as the most left wing of all the politicians offered in the survey.

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Tally-ho old bean!

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