The five Queer Eye cast members demanded they receive equal pay for the show

The five Queer Eye cast members demanded they receive equal pay for the show
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Earlier this year, thousands of companies across the UK published their gender pay gaps and the results were shocking.

Some organisations, like airline Ryanair, had a sharp difference in what they pay their male and female employees. The median gender pay gap of airline Ryanair, for example, was 67 per cent.

Across the pond in Hollywood, female actors are pushing back against unequal pay. According to Vanity Fair, Mark Wahlberg was paid $5 million for his role in All the Money in the World, while Michelle Williams was paid just $625,000.

It is in this climate of unequal pay that the Queer Eye For the Straight Guy cast proudly asserted that they ‘banded together’ and made sure that they got paid the same.

Five cisgendered men banded together for equal pay.

Jonathan Van Ness told Wealth Simple:

When the boys and I were cast we banded together and made sure we got paid the same thing.

I’m really into that part of our story.

We’re homies. We’d all feel really resentful if one of us was getting paid more or less than the other. It would create a very, like, not cool work environment.

The other four members of the show are Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Tan France and Antoni Porowski.

Though pay disparity across industries detrimentally effects women more than men, the Queer Eye cast’s determination for salary transparency can be examples for other TV shows.

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