Robert Buckland, a Conservative politician, has appeared on Question Time and claimed the prime minister, a man who hid in a fridge to avoid difficult questions, is not afraid of scrutiny.

Buckland said:

It’s easy to make jibes against a politician you disagree with and suggest that somehow he or she is avoiding the press when, in fact, what has happened over the last few months has been unprecedented scrutiny and scrutiny that continues in parliament every week.

The Secretary of State for Justice continued:

The Prime Minister comes and answers questions of MPs of all different colours. He and his ministers are exposed to scrutiny on the floor of the house where everybody can watch.

Yes, this about Boris Johnson, the man who not only hid in a fridge on live television but also sent his father to a climate debate in his stead.

Buckland concluded:

When you look at the whole picture, the idea that somehow Boris Johnson is somebody we don’t know much about and don’t know his views – come on! He’s probably one of the most scrutinised politicians in modern history. Is there much that we don’t know about Boris Johnson? I don’t think so.

The number of children Johnson has remains unknown at the time of writing.

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