This Question Time audience member’s speech about Brexit sums it all up

Darren Richman
Friday 13 September 2019 08:00

A man on Question Time has summed up the thoughts of many with his exasperated speech.

Remainer MPs returned to Parliament this week after a Scottish court ruled Boris Johnson’s prorogation as unlawful.

Question Time usually goes off the air when parliament isn’t in session but these are strange times and nobody is exactly sure of the correct protocol.

The audience member threw a significant question to the panel:

How do I sue David Cameron for causing mental distress, uncertainty and proroguing any progress in reasonable government?

After the guests had had their say, Fiona Bruce asked the man his own opinion on Cameron’s legacy and the response was quite something.

Oh I don’t care to tell you the truth. The whole thing’s a nightmare, I’m just sick and tired.

You’ve had three years, three months and done nothing apart from argue amongst yourselves like little kids.

You’ve no respect for each other and no respect for the British people. Just go away.

The audience reacted warmly to the sentiment and gave the man the ovation he deserved for encapsulating the thoughts of many in these divisive times. Twitter heralded the man as a new hero.

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