Shop worker reportedly calls police on student for being 'black'

KRQE screengrab

An American shop keeper in New Mexico allegedly called the police on a black student for being 'black and arrogant.'

The employee's actions were caught on video by a 22-year-old student, Jordan McDowell.

He told KRQE that he was racially profiled.

In the clip, a woman can be heard talking on the phone at an Allspos in Santa Fe: "I want him out of the store right now. Because he's being arrogant... because he's black."

He had gone into the store to buy sweets.

The Xavier University student said the store clerk had called him "sketchy" before calling the police.

There's nothing right about this, there's nothing right to call the police on someone just because of their skin tone. 

I just wanted everyone to know you still have a choice, you can speak up, you can still do your part and that's what I'm going to continue to do. 

"In that moment, the only thing I felt at that moment was rage," he said during an interview with the TV station.

But at the same time, I understood that racism in America never truly died.

The clerk did not comment on the incident, but a manager of the store said the behaviour was "unacceptable".

Officers responded to the call, but no police report was taken.

According to McDowell, one police officer arrived and spoke to the employee. The officer hadn't asked to see his ID and acknowledged that he did not do anything wrong.

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